Academy Nomination Process

Attending one of the United States service academies is a distinct honor and an invaluable experience that can lead a student down a path of success in life and to being a good citizen. Attending the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Military Academy at West Point, or Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point usually requires a nomination from either a United States Representative or Senator. No nomination is required to attend the U.S. Coast Guard Academy at New London.


Basic requirements from the service academies are that applicants be at least 17, but not yet 23-years-old, on July 1 of the year of admission. Applicants must also be unmarried, have no legal obligation to support children, and be of good moral character. Applicants must qualify academically and physically and must receive a nomination from a qualified nominating authority. To be eligible to receive a nomination, applicants must be a U.S. citizen and live in Florida’s Fourth Congressional District.

Outline of Nomination and Appointment Processes

1. Applicants initiate the process by notifying Congressman Ander Crenshaw’s Jacksonville Office of their intent to apply for a nomination to a service academy.

2. Download and complete the application and provide a resume that follows the style of the sample found at the bottom of this web page.

3. On a separate sheet of paper, please answer each each essay in 400 words or less. Format your responses by using Arial font size 12.

A.) Why are you applying to the U.S. service academies?

B.) If you receive an appointment to your first choice, what do you believe will be your biggest challenge at that academy?

C.) Describe an example that demonstrates your leadership ability.

4. Applicants must initiate contact with the service academy or academies of interest and proceed with the pre-candidate application processes as dictated by that academy. The addresses for each academy can found on the bottom of this web site.

5. The Congressional Office will open a file and work with each applicant that requests a nomination. APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 28, 2016. To be considered, Completed files must include the following:

• Completed Application for Nomination and photograph.

• Resume.

• Official high school transcript.

• Three recommendation letters: one from a school official (principal or guidance counselor); one from an instructor (math or science suggested); and one of the applicant's choice of an employer, a community leader or a club sponsor.

• SAT and or ACT score reports. Copies are acceptable. The academy admissions officers suggest that applicants take both types of tests.

• Any additional materials students feel will support their applications.

6. Congressman Crenshaw's Military Academy Selection Committee will interview candidates in November. Applicants will be notified by email of interview time and place.

7. Selected nominees will be notified by the end of the year, and then Congressman Crenshaw will submit his nominations to the academies.

8. Academy Admissions Officers review nominees' applications and select appointments. Most appointments will have been made by early May.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all materials are submitted on time. Those with incomplete files will be disqualified.

Students who attend one of the academies must serve six years of active duty following their graduation from the academy.

Test Score Minimums for Entering Students

The Admissions Officers at the academies encourage students to begin taking tests in the junior year and take both the ACT and the SAT tests. Many students continue to take the tests until they have the scores that they desire. Each Academy Admissions Office has different standard ranges that it looks for each of these tests. If your test scores fall below the minimums, you may want to inquire about one of the academy preparatory schools. Remember 20 to 30 percent of each academy class does not enter an academy directly after graduating from high school.

Addresses for the academies follow: