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WASHINGTON, DC -- Congressman Ander Crenshaw, Co-Chair of the Congressional Nepal Caucus and Member of the House State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee, issued the following statement on Saturday, April 25 regarding the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal:

"My thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by today's devastating 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake, including the families of those who perished in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. I know I join so many in hoping for the safe rescue of those who still remain trapped.

"As Co-Chairman of the Congressional Nepal Caucus, I am monitoring reports and understand that United States Ambassador to Nepal Peter Bodde has issued a disaster declaration to immediately release an initial $1 million in humanitarian assistance. This afternoon, I reached out to the State Department and USAID officials for the very latest information and to learn more about the country's needs and await further details."


Apr 24 2015

Crenshaw: Veteran's Legislation Provides Timely, Efficient, Effective Access to Benefits

Real Choice for Veterans Act, Veteran’s ID Card Act Deserve Immediate Consideration, Passage in Congress

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Ander Crenshaw, Member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, announced co-sponsorship of two pieces of legislation – the Real Choice for Veterans Act (H.R. 1096) and the Veteran’s ID Card Act (H.R. 91) – aimed at providing veterans on the First Coast and across the nation timely, efficient, and effective access to benefits.

“Our veterans have put their lives on the line so that we may live in freedom and deserve timely, efficient, and effective access to the benefits they have earned. They don’t need to be driving long hours and miles to secure the health care they need, and they shouldn’t have to carry pages of information to prove their military service,” said Crenshaw. “The Real Choice for Veterans Act opens the door to faster access to health care, and the Veteran’s ID Card Act offers proof of military service in one simple card. Both make common sense and deserve immediate consideration and passage in the House. There is no time to waste.”


The Real Choice for Veterans Act: H.R. 1096 provides for veterans to be able to seek private care when they live more than 40 miles from a VA facility that is able to provide them with the care and services they need. If a community has a VA clinic within 40 miles, which provides only limited services, but does not have a full service VA hospital, the veteran would be able to seek care at a private hospital. Instead of forcing a veteran to travel miles out of the way to seek care at a VA hospital, the bill would allow the veteran to get the care they need from a local physician or hospital. The measure has been referred to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Veteran’s ID Card Act: H.R. 91 would enable veterans to obtain an ID card through the VA at no cost to taxpayers. Currently, VA ID cards are only offered to those who have served at least 20 years in the Armed Forces or those who receive care from the VA for a service-connected disability. Veterans not in that category utilize the lengthy and detailed DD-214form to prove their military service. The measure has been referred to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.


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Congressman Crenshaw addresses his House colleagues on on November 7, 2009 with concerns over how health care reform will impact the nation's military.

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