As the uncontrolled Biden Border Crisis rages on, today Rep. Dan Crenshaw introduced the Customs and Border Protection Crisis Hardship and Incentive Pay Act today, aimed at helping the the agents on the frontlines who are facing critical circumstances.

The bill provides bi-weekly hardship incentive payments to Customs and Border Protection and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement law enforcement officers. The bill authorizes up to $250 per pay period for those who serve along a border where more than 1,000 migrants are encountered each day, those who secure the border in sectors where they are subjected to the threat of physical harm or imminent danger from cartels, and those who are in a sector where fentanyl is encountered. 

"Our CBP law enforcement officers have bore the brunt of the Biden-Harris-Mayorkas border crisis," Rep. Crenshaw said. "They’ve suffered hardships – including longer working hours, being pulled off the line, and seeing the border they swore to protect left open because of negligence and apathy.  We need to provide them with incentives to stay and compensate them for the work they are doing on the front lines of keeping the homeland safe. This effort is a start."