Congressman Dan Crenshaw to the People of Venezuela: I Stand With You Because I Know You

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to recent events in Venezuela, Congressman Dan Crenshaw released the below video. Crenshaw, speaking in Spanish, directly addresses the people of Venezuela and voices his support of their righteous pursuit of democracy. Crenshaw spent four years living in Colombia and a year and a half in Ecuador. His family lived in Caracas, Venezuela for two years.

Click here to watch.

English translation: “To the people of Venezuela: We are with you.  I am proud to stand with the Trump Administration in heeding your calls for a more democratic Venezuela and supporting President of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó. 

"I stand with you because I know you. My family lived in Caracas for two years, I have been to Venezuela many times and I have witnessed a beautiful country fall apart because of a socialist dictator.  

"Nicolas Maduro’s reign of terror must come to an end. He is desperately clinging to his control of the government. His power is illegitimate. 

"As you fight for your freedom in the face of tyranny, know that you have the steadfast support of the United States. 

"The United States and your allies across the globe hear you and support you and your righteous pursuit of a free and democratic country.”