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October 13, 2019

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Dan Creshaw U.S. Congressman for the 2nd District of Texas
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Congressman Crenshaw here, checking in after a great week of district work. Keep reading for a few highlights from this week, including my thoughts on Syria and a recap of this week’s events in Houston!

As always, feel free to reach out to one of my offices if you’re a resident of TX-02 and need help with a federal agency, are looking for information on what we’re working on in Congress, or if you’d like to make your voice heard about a certain issue.

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My Thoughts on Syria

This week we saw the Administration mistakenly choose to withdraw troops from Syria. As I’ve said before, there is a misconception about “endless wars” – that if we just let them fight their own wars they will leave us alone. As history has demonstrated time and time again, this is untrue. We go there so they don't come here. 

With U.S. forces leaving the area, Turkey launched an attack on our Kurdish allies. Turkey is a NATO ally, but President Erdogan has demonstrated they prefer to operate outside of that relationship. Their attack on the Kurds cannot be tolerated. That’s why I joined my colleagues in sponsoring legislation to hold Turkey accountable for its blatant aggression.

As predicted, withdrawing even part of our presence in Northern Syria had deadly consequences. And now the President is moving 1,000 troops from Northern Syria out of the area. Our small but effective operation in Northern Syria played a crucial role in maintaining peace. This decision will have consequences for decades to come.

recap: human trafficking symposium

This week I hosted a Human Trafficking Symposium to educate Houstonians on how to recognize and prevent human trafficking as well as how they can help victims.

Human trafficking is an atrocious crime that plagues Houston far more than people know. It’s a manipulative, disgusting and deceitful act but it can be stopped. Educating people on how to recognize the signs of human trafficking can help save the victim's lives. That is why this event was so crucial. I’m very grateful to all of our panelists, including representatives from Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Department, ICE, FBI and organizations like DeliverFund and the YMCA of Greater Houston, for sharing their experiences and advice. Together we’re helping make our community a safer place.

Thank you to everyone who attended or tuned in to the livestream!

Wrapping up the week
It was great being home in Houston, where it was a busy week hearing from Houstonians about issues that matter most to them. From the Human Trafficking Symposium to the Greater Houston Port Bureau to Regis School of the Sacred Heart, it was great meeting with members of our community and young people who are passionate about the future of our country. We discussed some of today’s most pressing issues – like passing USMCA, improving Houston’s infrastructure, and securing our border.

Watch a recap of my week here:

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