At Healthcare Innovation Summit, Crenshaw Honors McNair’s Houston Legacy

HOUSTON, TX – Yesterday while hosting his first annual Congressional Healthcare Innovation Summit, Congressman Dan Crenshaw honored the late Bob McNair for his commitment to advancing the medical industry in Houston, TX. The summit served as a key opportunity to showcase and celebrate healthcare innovation throughout the Greater Houston area. As part of the summit, Crenshaw introduced the Susan Crenshaw Congressional Healthcare Innovation Award, named for his late mother. The award recognizes selfless members of our community who have dedicated their lives to propelling healthcare innovation forward. Susan lost her battle to cancer after serving as patient #1 for Taxol, now one of the most effective cancer treatments available. Despite her untimely passing, Susan’s participation in the Taxol treatment contributed to invaluable research that has saved countless lives.  Dr. Charles Neblett of the McNair Medical Institute accepted the award in honor of McNair.   

“I can’t think of a more deserving person of this award,” said Crenshaw. “Mr. McNair did an incredible job bringing in talent from across the globe to influence American ingenuity right here in Houston. His generosity and commitment to improving the lives of Texans was apparent in everything he did. While we miss Mr. McNair dearly, it’s clear the McNair legacy will continue to permeate throughout Texas innovation.”