Congressman Dan Crenshaw Calls on Government To Fulfill Flood Mitigation Funding Promises

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the recent storms seen throughout the Houston region, Congressman Dan Crenshaw released the following statement:

“The severe storms hitting our region have resulted in heavy rainfall, hundreds of homes flooded, hundreds without power, school closures and sinkholes throughout the area. While not on the same scale, we cannot help but think of the conditions that accompanied Hurricane Harvey.

“For years our infrastructure and drainage systems have caused flooding problems. To change this, we must focus on the following priorities:

  • Releasing the $4 billion in funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Office of Management and Budget.
  • Ensuring the City of Houston provides FEMA with the necessary information to approve the $37 million project to expand the Lake Houston dam gates.
  • Investing in drainage maintenance to better manage the flow of water.

“Fully recovering from Harvey and improving our infrastructure to better handle the next storm can only happen when city, local and federal officials work together. The people of the Houston region are resilient, but they should not have to endure another storm and the next hurricane season without government taking care of these priorities.”