Today, Rep. Dan Crenshaw announced the introduction of the Declaring War on the Cartels Act. The bill is designed to combat Transnational Criminal Cartels’ illegal activities with increased criminal penalties and the targeting of their finances.

As Mexican cartels continue to destroy the rule of law in America, they have developed into a national security threat. While trafficking drugs and people into the U.S., they then use the money made from criminal activities to arm themselves and wage war against the Mexican government and each other. 

“My bill goes after the cartels and their members by increasing federal criminal penalties, bypassing liberal big city District Attorneys and prosecutors, and hitting the cartels where it matters most: their bank accounts,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw said. “I designed this bill to use unique tools–like denaturalization and sanctions on government that support or allow cartels to operate–to deter individual support and corruption. We must take the cartels seriously and deter them and target them the same way we do terrorists. That is the only way to win.”

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