Congressman Crenshaw announced legislation to prevent universities across the country from receiving any federal funding if they compel students to write Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statements. 

“We can see the utter moral bankruptcy in higher education with the spread of antisemitism on college campuses.” Crenshaw said “Make no mistake – the DEI bureaucracy is directly responsible for a toxic campus culture that separates everyone into oppressor vs oppressed. That’s why I am dropping legislation to protect free thought and prevent federal funding for universities that force students to write diversity, equity, and inclusion statements.” 


 The State of Texas recently passed a law curtailing DEI at public universities across the state. Rep. Crenshaw’s legislation builds on this effort by blocking federal funds under the Higher Education Act for all universities that compel their students to write or endorse DEI statements against their will. It specifically includes provisions to also prevent these statements as a condition for employment or enrollment, while including a rule of construction that clarifies this does not infringe on classroom instruction or compliance with antidiscrimination law.

Read the full bill here.