Catching Up With Crenshaw

February 28, 2020

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Dan Creshaw U.S. Congressman for the 2nd District of Texas
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Congressman Crenshaw here,

This week was all about healthcare innovation and telling America's great story. I talked about innovation to lower drug costs, telling the right story of America, and why socialism simply doesn't work. 

As a reminder to Texans in the Second District, please reach out to my offices if you have a concern, want to hear what we’re working on in Congress, or are having trouble with a federal agency. I have a full team in Texas and in the nation's capital ready to assist you. Be sure to stay up to date by following me on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube. For a behind-the-scenes look, follow my staff's official Instagram account.

Now, let's catch up.  
Why doesn't socialism work? The answer only takes one minute. Socialism takes away human incentive, which is essential for a productive society, and replaces it with authoritarian control. Want to learn more? Watch here.

op-ed: Lower Drug Costs and more cures
Health care is far too expensive in the United States, and American innovation in the health care space is absolutely critical for ensuring that medicine continues to advance. This week I wrote an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle about how innovation, not price controls, will lower your drug costs at the pharmacy counter.

This week I spoke at CPAC about something incredibly important: telling the right story of America. Our story is one of exceptionalism and prosperity, not socialism and despair. Our story is one of independence and personal freedom, not the false promises of collectivists. Our American story is the greatest one ever told. We need to be sharing the right story, not the story of doom-and-gloom being told by many on the left. Watch a portion of my speech here.


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Houston Chronicle: Crenshaw: Innovation, not Pelosi’s radical price controls, will lower drug costs [Opinion]

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