WASHINGTON, DC – In a continued effort to address two key issues impacting TX-02, Representative Dan Crenshaw joined the American Flood Coalition and the House Energy Action Team (HEAT).

The American Flood Coalition, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to finding solutions for flood-affected communities, focuses on creating policies that strengthen the economy, invest in cities and towns, and safeguard America’s national security. Crenshaw is the first Texan to serve as a Federal champion.

HEAT is a coalition of House members committed to promoting smart green energy solutions that harness America’s energy resources instead of targeting them. The group combats radical proposals like the Green New Deal by advocating for common sense energy policies.

“As a Representative of the Houston area, I’m laser-focused on flood mitigation and energy innovation,” said Crenshaw. “Joining the American Flood Coalition and HEAT will be an asset as we work towards a more resilient Houston and look to develop more clean, cheap, and exportable energy solutions.”