Rep. Dan Crenshaw is leading an effort to block Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Payment Program (CHGME) funding for children’s hospitals that provide transgender treatments or procedures to minors.

The Children’s Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act is a bill that must be reauthorized every 5 years. The bill provides funds to train pediatric medical residents at 59 hospitals nationwide. Historically, it has helped train almost half of the nation’s general pediatric residents. 

This year, Rep. Crenshaw is introducing the legislation with a stipulation that this program funding be banned from going to children’s hospitals that offer so-called “gender affirming care” to minors. 

"There is no other human rights atrocity in America that is so quickly gaining momentum and validation within the very institutions that should know better," said Rep. Dan Crenshaw. "One of these institutions is children’s hospitals. In a place where ‘do no harm’ is the ultimate guiding principle, there is no excuse to ever perform these treatments that permanently alter a child’s physiology. From now on, we will not allow a dime of this taxpayer-funded program to go toward children’s hospitals that cater to the harmful pseudoscience that is ‘gender affirming care.’”

Rep. Crenshaw's bill bars program funding to children’s hospitals that offer “gender-affirming care,” including surgeries, hormone therapy, and puberty blockers – procedures not backed by scientific data and ones that can cause serious irreversible damage to children.

Read the full bill here.