Representatives Crenshaw And Torres Small’s Acquisition Bill Moves Out Of Homeland Security Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s H.R. 2609, the Acquisition Review Board Act of 2019, passed the Homeland Security Committee. The bill, co-sponsored by Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small, seeks to eliminate delays and inefficiencies in the Department of Homeland Security’s acquisitions process.  The Government Accountability Office named DHS’s acquisition management to its “high risk list,” indicating its highly susceptible to waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement. By establishing a board to oversee the Department’s acquisitions, there will be more oversight, strengthened accountability, and better management of billions of dollars a year.

“I take my role as a steward of taxpayer dollars very seriously,” Crenshaw said. “This bill injects accountability into a division of the Department of Homeland Security that desperately needs it. With a board overseeing these processes, acquisitions will be more efficient, effective and responsible. This is a win for the taxpayer and the Department.”

“Transparency and accountability are bipartisan issues and key to good governance. Enacting this bill will ensure the Department of Homeland Security is a good steward of taxpayer dollars. By codifying the Acquisitions Review Board, DHS will be able to conduct systematic reviews of major acquisitions programs, which will maximize taxpayer funds. It falls on Congress to ensure DHS has reliable acquisition management in place and I thank Congressman Crenshaw for his continued partnership on these issues,” said Torres Small.

This is the Congressman’s first piece of legislation that has moved out of committee.

To view the bill, click here.