WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) released the following statement criticizing President Biden's planned executive actions rejoining the Paris climate accord and canceling the Keystone XL permit:

"If you listen closely, you can hear the communist government in China popping champagne," said Crenshaw. "Rejoining Paris gives a free pass to polluters like China while punishing American businesses and hurting our energy independence. We should continue to promote innovative solutions - like nuclear and carbon capture - to reduce emissions, not foolish virtue signals that may appease the radical left but do nothing to help the environment."

Crenshaw also criticized Biden's plan to cancel the Keystone XL permit, saying "Biden plans to kill jobs and raise your energy prices, and for what? Not the environment. Canceling this pipeline does nothing for the environment. It is for his radical base. He’s appeasing them on day one."


Last year, two bills introduced by Crenshaw to boost research and development for carbon capture technology were signed into law as part of a year-end spending bill. The LEADING Act and the New Energy Frontier aim to advance carbon capture, a proven technology that helps reduce emissions while protecting American energy independence.