Congressman Crenshaw recently met with leaders in local law enforcement and District Attorney Brett Ligon’s Office in Montgomery County to discuss their vital work in keeping our community safe.

At a law enforcement roundtable, Rep. Crenshaw discussed federal resources that are available to assist with cybercrimes and the increasing number of mental health issues. As the leader of the Cartel Task Force, Congressman Crenshaw found their feedback on the type of crimes they are seeing very insightful.

dan crenshaw with law enforcement officers

Participants in the law enforcement roundtable included:

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Rand Henderson, Chief Deputy Damon Hall, Major Tim Cannon

Pct. 3 Constable’s Office: Captain Adam Acosta

Pct. 4 Constable’s Office: Captain Eric McHugh and Captain Buck Clendennen

Splendora Police Department: Lieutenant Troy Teller

Shenandoah Police Department: Chief Troye Dunlap

Oak Ridge North Police Department: Sergeant Marcus Teske 

“I am grateful to Representative Crenshaw for his leadership in working with law enforcement partners to find solutions and support for public safety agencies in dealing with the fentanyl crisis, cybercrimes, issues dealing with police recruiting and retention, and the mental health crisis,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson. “Our community appreciates having elected officials like Congressman Crenshaw listening and responding to the needs we have in Montgomery County.  His support and partnership are valued, and we look forward to continuing our work together to keep Montgomery County the safest place to live, work and play.”

The Congressman also met with Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon to discuss his aggressive and successful prosecutorial strategy, and discussed with DA team members the best ways to solve the fentanyl epidemic.

dan crenshaw at meeting

“My team of prosecutors, investigators, and support personnel got to see Congressman Crenshaw’s well-deserved reputation for being a ‘boots on the ground’ kind of leader during our visit,” said Brett Ligon. “We discussed high-end criminal investigations, resources, and outcomes in detail, and he clearly had done his homework in advance. Congressman Crenshaw and our office are particularly focused on the fentanyl overdoses our community sees, along with possible shared efforts between us and federal law enforcement partners in our crusade to find and punish those who harm kids through the promotion and distribution of child pornography and trafficking.” 

Rep. Crenshaw also hosted a roundtable with area superintendents, learning about the COVID-19 learning loss, the opioid crisis, and what resources local schools need to keep our children safe.

dan crenshaw with superintendent's roundtable

Participants in the superintendent’s roundtable included:

Dr. Elizabeth Fagan (Humble ISD)

Matt Calvert (New Caney ISD)

Dr. Jeffrey Burke (Splendora ISD)

Paula Patterson (Crosby ISD)

Julia Ambler (The Woodlands Christian Academy)

Dr. Lupita Hinojosa (Spring ISD)

Dr. Curtis Null (Conroe ISD)

Dr. Steve Popp (The John Cooper School)

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to join Congressman Dan Crenshaw's Superintendent Roundtable discussion,” said Dr. Lupita Hinojosa (Spring ISD). “It is imperative for us to discuss the challenges our districts face and work together on solutions.  We look forward to his continued support at the national level.”

"I appreciate Congressman Crenshaw taking the time to engage in conversation with local public and private school leaders in Montgomery County,” said Matt Calvert (New Caney ISD). “I feel that he recognizes the great work taking place in our classrooms while acknowledging the challenges we face in educating our children. I look forward to the opportunity to continue this dialogue with our Congressman as we strive to do what's best for kids in New Caney ISD."

“I am so grateful to Congressman Crenshaw for taking the time to listen to the concerns of both private and public school educators,” said Julie Ambler (The Woodlands Christian Academy). “While some of our challenges may differ, we all share a passion for the intellectual, physical and emotional well-being of our students.  They represent the future leaders of our country, and any policies made in Washington must consider the education, health, values and inheritance that we are passing on to future generations of Americans.  Thank you, Congressman Crenshaw, for caring about our children and their future.”

“I enjoyed advocating for the students, staff, and families of Crosby ISD at the education roundtable,” said Paula Patterson (Crosby ISD). “We appreciated the space to have a candid conversation, discussing assistance for and possible solutions to challenges school districts are facing. We know educating our children is a team sport, and I value Congressman Crenshaw’s outreach to those of us on the frontlines of public education. Crosby ISD looks forward to working closely with our Texas representatives as we envision our tomorrow together.”

“I was grateful to have the opportunity to share with Congressman Crenshaw perspectives on the educational landscape and the opportunities ahead for both private and public schools to help our students and our communities thrive,” said Dr. Stephen Popp (The John Cooper School).