Congressman Dan Crenshaw Demonstrates Commitment To Improved Border Security In First Votes

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shortly after Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw was sworn into Congress, he cast his first votes in the U.S. House of Representatives, rejecting Democrats’ hollow attempt at resolving the issue of border security funding.

“I’m proud that my first votes in Congress upheld a promise I made to the people of Texas’s Second Congressional district: to protect our country,” said Congressman Dan Crenshaw. “This issue is bigger than any one party.  I know from my experience as a Navy SEAL that barriers work. Democrats’ arguments that a wall is ineffective is not based on reason or fact, but on partisanship. It is crucial that we provide the proper funding for a barrier at our border to mitigate the hundreds of thousands of illegal crossings that facilitate human trafficking and the influx of drugs and violence coming into our country. I remain committed to effectively securing our border and keeping Americans safe.”