As fentanyl deaths continue to plague our nation Congressman Dan Crenshaw penned an op-ed in USA Today urging Congress to come together to fight the dangerous Mexican drug cartels facilitating the crisis.

"Every day, we read horrific stories of young people who – without their knowledge – took a fentanyl-laced drug and died. We see the faces of innocent children targeted by fentanyl dealers on apps like Snapchat," Rep. Crenshaw wrote. 

"In a closely divided Congress, opportunities for bipartisan cooperation are rare. We should seize them whenever possible. Stopping the Mexican drug cartels from killing Americans offers a unique opportunity for immediate bipartisanship.We should not let this chance to save American lives pass us by."

The op-ed details legislation Rep. Crenshaw has put forward, including the Declaring War on the Cartels Act and an Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Read the full op-ed here.