America is the leader of the free world and should not back down from this responsibility. It is our job to stand up to provocations across the globe and defend democracy when its enemies seek to destroy it.

As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, I will work to protect the Houston-region’s vital infrastructure from emerging threats. The Committee plays a vital role in port security, aviation safety, and counter-terrorism.

We can never forget the atrocities of September 11th and what occurs when you allow terrorists to operate freely in ungoverned areas. We must continue to take the fight to ISIS, not only in Syria and Iraq, but also in Afghanistan and Africa. The threat of radical Islam is real and we must do a better job fighting on all fronts. I have been doing that for my entire adult life.

We need to follow the President’s lead in rebuilding the U.S. military. I have seen first-hand the toll that 16 years of warfare has taken on our soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Texas is home to fifteen major military bases. As a result of previous budget cuts, our ships are barely operational and the ones that are deployed are colliding and running aground. Policy changes and strong leadership will set us back on the right course. Our military should focus on improving our cyber defenses and keeping talented people in the military. We need to invest in new technology to maintain our edge, as China and Russia quickly catch up.