America is the leader of the free world and should not back down from this responsibility. It is our job to stand up to provocations across the globe and defend democracy when its enemies seek to destroy it.

As a Texan, my state deals with the reality of the border crisis every day. The more than four million encounters and countless “gotaways” threaten our communities, our state, and our country. I have worked and will continue to lead efforts in Congress to secure our border with legislation to hire and retain Border Patrol Agents, close the loopholes in our immigration system that are being exploited, and going after the cartels that traffic people and deadly drugs like fentanyl into our country. 

I dedicated most of my adult life to fighting terrorists abroad so they don’t attack us here. I am dedicating much of my time in Congress to fighting the cartels. 

We also face more traditional threats, like China, so we must rebuild the U.S. military to maintain superiority when challenged. This will require investments in advanced technologies, modernization of systems, and most importantly, investment in our people. Policy changes and strong leadership will set us back on the right course.