WASHINGTON, DC –  Congressman Dan Crenshaw released the following statement on his vote against H.R. 3401, House Democrats’ border funding bill.

Crenshaw: “President Trump requested emergency funding over 50 days ago. House Democrats have rejected our request for humanitarian aid 17 times. Only after Senate Democrats came to a deal did House Democrats put a funding bill on the floor, after months of neglecting to see the humanitarian crisis for what it is.

“But instead of working in a bipartisan fashion to put forward legislation that would actually pass the Senate and get the President’s signature, Democrats yet again opted for political theater.

“This bill provided funding, but only on conditions that undermine law enforcement. It would put barriers between human trafficking investigators at DHS and HHS. In Houston, we are far too familiar with this horrific practice to permit anything that would allow it to grow. It's wrong to undermined law enforcement because we refuse to give needed resources to an agency facing an impossible job. This isn't an either-or situation, but it’s an urgent situation that Congress must address in a serious way immediately.”